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5 wellbeing arts and crafts to try


Taking some time out for yourself to do something creative can be an awesome way to de-stress from your studies and life. We all have different ways we practice self-care, and for some people art can be a great way to relax. Here are 5 art and craft ideas with minimal clean up, yay!

If you needed more persuading, here are some reasons why art and craft is so good for you:

Using your imagination can help with your problem-solving skills, with your empathy and creativity which can help in your work, studies and general life.

Being creative can boost your self-confidence, and finishing projects provides you with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Being imaginative can develop perspective and increase innovative thinking.


1) Colouring in

You can be as creative you want with this, and you can find line arts you like online or buy a book of mindfulness colouring in, there are lots of options for all interests, whether you like animals, landscapes or geometric patterns. It’s up to you if you want to keep your colouring in within the lines or not, realistic or rainbow coloured, just sit back and relax with some art. Grab some coloured pencils or crayons and print out our Scape Inspire colouring in sheet for some chill out time.

You can download our colouring in sheet here.

Here you can go wild on paper. You can use your imagination and draw scenes from your mind, draw objects on your desk, draw a friend or get online and search for some pictures to get inspiration from. Why not challenge a friend to a 30 day drawing challenge and take turns picking a theme like: dog, food, flower, or beach scene. You can mix up the media you use too, it doesn’t have to be coloured pencils, you can use biro, crayons, gel pens (the glittery ones are the best in my opinion), marker pens or start sketching with neon highlighters.


3) Knitting/macramé/crochet

Let’s be honest, using wool or string for craft isn’t just for old ladies, it’s a cool way to make your own room decorations, scarves and even jumpers! What’s the difference between these three crafts? Knitting primarily uses two long needles (kind of chopstick looking things!) but can also be done on a machine or with a loom, macramé needs something to tie onto but no needles/hooks, and crochet uses a single crochet hook. If you’re looking to decorate your room and craft ideas look up macramé wall or plant pot hangers for some inspiration.

Want to find out the difference between knitting and crochet? click here.

Want to find out what is macramé and learn some basic knots? click here.


Have you got any slightly boring old clothes you’d like to revitalise? Adding some embroidered decorations will make any old op-shop denim jacket much cooler. Embroidery uses a few different kinds stitches often in many colours to create pictures or patterns on fabric. You start with fabric stretched on an embroidery hoop and you can trace a pattern or make it up at you go along.  You can find a lot of free patterns online, and many guides on the internet.

Click here for a beginner’s guide to embroidery.

5) Origami

Do you think you can make an excellent paper plane? Go to the next level and learn the Japanese craft of origami. Origami involves folding paper to make mostly 3d forms like flowers, animals, or even just boxes, projects can range from a few simple steps to complex forms. In Japan, it is believed that if a person folds 1000 paper cranes they will receive good luck or will be granted a wish, so they are often made for people who are ill, or as a symbol of peace.

Find out more about origami and find easy guides here!


If you get arty, we’d love to see your creations, tag us on Instagram @atirashapedbyscape or use the hashtag #experienceatira. Can’t wait to see what you get up to 🧵 🧶✏️!


Happy creating!

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